Your faithful author“Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reality” – Novalis.


I am in love with the sound of my camera shutter firing. Even if I don’t keep all the photos, or never look at them again once taken, the act of capturing the image is still so magical to me. Gone are the days of dark room chemicals and dodging / burning by hand, but the magic still exists for me in this world of the digital. We still make memories, make pictures, and capture the image in a life filled with extraordinary moments.


I would be honoured to help you make memories and make pictures to last a lifetime.


In another life, I am a PhD student, writer, and teacher at UCT. Above all, though, I am Capetonian, South African, and a passionate supporter of the bokke. I spent many years in west Wales (where I met my husband) but found my way home eventually.


Available for events including:
- school gatherings,
- informal and formal family portraits,
- small weddings,
- family and friends get-togethers,
- maternity and baby photography,
- animal / pet memorial photography.


I harness available light to its full potential during your personalised photo shoot, avoiding the use of studio lights, conspicuous flashes, and other equipment where possible. I prefer colourful, contrasted editing techniques, and all photographs are professionally edited.

Fine art prints available upon request. Canvas, large format, and coffee table albums / album-size prints are available for all photographs, on request. I only use the professional photographic printers Studio22 for my processing needs.

The rates here are guidelines – let us discuss your personalised shoot now!


Find more on my Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/llewsgirl/
An Etsy store for art prints and cards is currently being set up.
Find me on facebook! www.facebook.com/dinaphoto

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