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Quaggas Rugby

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  I’m an Ikey supporter. My husband used to play for the team. I can see them practicing when I work in my office for other-life job. I thought, well, why not combine all three and take some photos for the Fourths? Here’s a taster of some shots over the last year or so.   [...]


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On a windy morning in Llandudno, I met Chris and his wife Kirsty for their maternity shoot. In tow were Chris’ two utterly beautiful girls who made the most of the windy beach weather. Kirsty was about to pop but I’ve never seen a more glowing, happy new mom. Thank you all for sharing your [...]

Consuelo Roland

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On a windy, beautiful afternoon in Kalk Bay, I met local author Consuelo Roland for a photo shoot that led us around the small fishing town. Roland is author of two fabulous books, and . The photo was designed to be an author’s shoot, showing the location and feel of Kalk Bay. I took direction [...]

Ceri and Chloe

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Ceri and Chloe are the daughters of an old high-school friend, Dawn. On a recent trip back to Wales, we met up after a good 12 years apart, and I got to meet her children for the first time. Chloe has a rare disease called Moyamoya, and Dawn runs an online support group. Chloe is [...]

Pro Ed School photography

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Wednesday saw the entire school lined up in front of the ivy to get their photos taken. With my husband as my assistant, we managed to photograph the whole school and staff in under two hours! Yes, the school only has 100 children give or take, and we had to re-shoot some children, but I’ve [...]


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I follow the Ikey 4th team, affectionately known as the “Quaggas”, around the Green Mile as they play during the 2012 season. It’s cold, it’s a hard game, but they (and I, quietly, and sometimes not so quietly when they score) love it!


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An old high-school friend who I hadn’t seen for over 10 years contacted me to take some photos of her beloved new horse. We had a blast in Delta Park; even though the weather was chilly, Sally and Kirsten had great fun while I shot away. Beautiful horse, great rider, and a great day out.